Spoon Forging


One day introductory level forging class.

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This is a fantastic class to introduce you to creative forging.

A spoon is one of the most common utilitarian objects, something we use every day and rarely stop to think about. Now you will create your very own custom spoon, forging it from raw steel to experience the processes behind this simple utensil, and consider the design elements that make it work for you

Designed to be an introductory class, you can take this workshop as a complete novice or as a more experienced smith and allow your creativity to run away with you.

General Class Information

Classes run 9.30- 4.30

PPE provided, please wear non-synthetic clothing, long pants, and sturdy footwear.

It is recommended you have attended at least one of our introductory classes before taking the intermediate courses.

Coffee and tea are served at the forge, bring a lunch or order a local pizza in.

Metchosin is well served with a coffee shop, restaurant and pizzeria for extra refreshments or to enjoy dinner after a hard day of forging!

Group bookings are encouraged, so if you have a group of friends or a work event we are happy to arrange dates to accommodate your party.

Group bookings will receive a 10% discount.


Private classes

These one-on-one teaching opportunities are ideal for the serious enthusiast who is looking to move their forging skills up to the next level. Jake has almost a quarter century of forging experience, so whether you are looking to improve hand or power hammer skills, this opportunity offers an invaluable chance to learn from a master of his craft.

Jake is also willing to travel to teach, and has led a large number of workshops, demonstrations and group forging projects around the world.

Please enquire for details.