The Blacksmith - Jake James

The Blacksmith

Jake James

Jake James is an award-winning British born and educated Blacksmith. He has a quarter century of success creating functional and sculptural work in forged metals. 

From large architectural commissions to small and personal sculptural works, Jake’s vision is  to create an experience with forged metal that holds true to the rich heritage of the craft, while exploring concepts and themes that  will bring to your project a personal flavour and sense of connection that goes beyond surface adornment.


My love of forging metals is written in the forms that I create, but the relationship I have with the material of my profession goes much further than the simple act of hammering it into shape. It is our control of Iron that has allowed the expansion of humanity across the planet, for good and bad, and that duality plays deeply into my thoughts and my expression as I design my work. 

blacksmith forged metal